"Fink Hall" (1900-1966)

Fink Hall, c.1960

The College purchased a house at 333 West High Street for $7,000 on December 26, 1900. This house was first used as the residence for the Headmaster of Conway Hall following the completion of that building in 1905. In 1930, it was converted into a double house, one half serving as a residence for faculty and the other as the College’s Health Center. The building later became a women’s dormitory, and in 1966 the house was razed to provide room for the construction of the Boyd Lee Spahr Library.

The name “Fink Hall,” which was applied to this house, was not an official name. For decades, students used the name in fond reference to the longtime Director of Health Services, Oneta M. Fink, R.N.

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