Phi Delta Theta House (1931-1964)

Phi Delta Theta house, c.1965

When officially named in the 1980s in honor of J. William Stuart, class of 1932, this house had already enjoyed fifty years of service to Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. A need for more living space led Dickinson’s chapter of Phi Delta Theta to construct Stuart House in 1931. Their previous residence, a stone lodge located on the corner of Louther and College Streets, could no longer accommodate the fraternity.

Stuart House served the fraternity, with a gap in 1944-1945 when it was rented to the College as a women's dormitory, until June 13, 1964, when the College purchased it at a cost of $57,000. Phi Delta Theta then relocated to the newly constructed Fraternity Quadrangle. A $24,000 renovation shortly after the purchase enabled Stuart House to become the new home of the Office of Communication and Development. The building later became a student residence once again in the 1980s.

Note: View a short film that shows clips relating to the construction of the Phi Delta Theta House by following this LINK.

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