President's House (1890-present)

President's House, c.1900

Before it became home to Dickinson College’s presidents, this Carlisle, Pennsylvania house, which was built in 1833, was the home of the Hon. John Reed, a local judge. Reed introduced law into the Dickinson College curriculum, and gave his first law instructions to students in the basement of this house.

Preferring not to reside in the President's home located in East College due to its close proximity to the students' living quarters, incoming President George Reed purchased the house and subsequently sold it to the College on January 9, 1890 for $8,000. A second floor was immediately added on to the house at a cost of $7,000, these funds being provided by a gift of William Clare Allison.

Under President Corson, a new north face designed by W. W. Emmart was added in 1937, paid for by Mrs. Paul Appenzellar whose husband was a member of the class of 1895. This redesign established the entrance on the eastern side of the house, turning the old front entrance and porch into an open terrace. In 1979, under President Samuel Banks, the facade was sandblasted to reveal the natural brick exterior.

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