Basil Troussoff's Wallet, c.1915

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U.S. Customs War Zone Pass for the Port of New York, May 16, 1918
Pass for the Barney & Smith Car Co. to enter the main and east plants, valid from November 11 to November 30, 1915
Pass for entry to the factory of the American Rolling Mill Co., May 28, 1915
Personal calling card printed in Russian with the name Vassily Vasilievich Troussoff, Bolshaya Lubyanka Street, Bolshoi Kiselny Lane, House 11, Apartment 51
War Department Local Board Pass, May 17, 1918
War Department Local Board Pass, February 15, 1918
Military Census Enrollment Card, June 15, 1917
Personal calling card printed in English  with the name Mr. Vassily Troussoff
New York Police Department pass for the American Can Co., 1917
U.S. Immigration Registration Certificate, May 1917
Standard Steel Car Company Pass, April 3, 1919
Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators, and Paper Hangers Membership Card, June 5, 1956
American Can Co. Inspector Pass, April 23, 1916
New York Driver's License, 1937

Large leather wallet belonging to Basil Troussoff. Contents include various passes from his time as a munitions inspector for the Russian Army just before the Revolution, as well as calling cards and other personal cards from other points in his life.

Gift of Gail Troussoff Marks