Konstantin Yuon Postcard Booklet, c.1950

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List of Postcards
First page of Pamphlet
Open Window
Cupolas and Swallows
Taking the Kremlin in 1917

A booklet of 12 postcards with paintings by Kanstantin Yuon (1875-1958), as well as a short pamphlet with biographical information about the painter. Yuon was known for his impressionist paintings, as well as his work in the Moscow theatre community for set design. His early paintings were primarily impressionist landscapes with elements of symbolism, but later in his life his style almost exclusively had a socialist realism perspective. He was a member of the Mir Isskustva (World of Art) movement, and a recipient of the Stalin Prize and the Order of Lenin.

Yuon greatly influenced Vasily (Basil) Troussoff who studied in Yuon's Moscow studio before emigrating.

Box 5, Folder 12
Gift of Gail Troussoff Marks