Bosler Cartouche

Bosler Cartouche, 2000

The Bosler Cartouche was carved in 1885 and appeared above a portico at the entrance to Bosler Hall. In 1940 and 1941, the building's portico and turret were removed and the original sandstone walls of Bosler Hall were covered with limestone. During this construction project, the three-and-a-half-ton cartouche was removed and placed in storage.

In 1968, the class of 1913 was preparing for its 55th reunion and recommended the display of the slab. It was placed between Adams and Witwer Halls, facing the Dickinson School of Law.

Later, a group of faculty, staff, and local alumni formed the half tongue-in-cheek "Committee to Restore Our Cartouche"(CROC). The ad-hoc CROC met off and on over a number of years, and its members wrote several letters to successive college treasurers requesting action. In 2000, on the orders of new President William G. Durden '71, the Cartouche was moved to its current location, a prominent place in front of Bosler Hall.

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