Dickinson Alumnus, December 1969

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • Students and faculty participated in the Moratorium on October 15, which was a day of protest against the United States' involvement in Vietnam.
  • Macalester College Chaplain Alvin C. Currier explained how students change in college in an article titled "Whatever Happened to My Johnny?"
  • Football stars Francis A. Dunn (class of 1914), Hyman Goldstein (class of 1915), and Samuel Padjen (class of 1939) were inducted as the first members of the Dickinson College Sports Hall of Fame.
  • Professor Clarke Garrett discussed former Professor Arthur Max Prinz's lifetime study of Karl Marx.
  • Judge Bernard C. Brominski (class of 1947) presided in the Mary Jo Kopechne autopsy case.