Dickinson Alumnus, February 1956

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • Dr. Edgar R. Miller (class of 1920) and Dr. Elizabeth Bucke Miller (class of 1923) left for Nepal to serve as medical missionaries.
  • Dr. John W. McConnell (class of 1929) was named Dean of Cornell University.
  • Henry E. Harner (class of 1929) was appointed Secretary of the Commonwealth, the second Dickinsonian in Pennsylvania Governor George Leader's cabinet. 
  • Dr. E. Roger Samuel (class of 1910) was named "General Practitioner of the Year" by the American Medial Association.
  • Donald H. Goodyear (class of 1923) was appointed General Manager of Manufacturing for the G.R. Kinney Shoe Company.
  • Eugenia Learned James (class of 1939) won an acclaim in England as an Heraldic artist. 
  • The Board of Trustees reaffirmed their position on "intoxicants," which included a complete ban on the possession or use in any College property, dormitory, or fraternity house.