Dickinson Alumnus, Spring 1968

Selected Highlights from this Issue: 
  • Professor Enrique Martinez discussed a new addition to Dickinson's rare book collection, Cristóbal Suárez de Figueroa's Hechos de Don Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza. Quarto Marqués de Canete (1613).
  • Harold R. Gillespie Jr., Dean of Students, announced the College's policy on illegal drug use.
  • Lawrence A. Rand (class of 1965) had been appointed to Dickinson's development staff.
  • Dr. Marshall W. Nirenberg received the Priestly Award, W. H. Auden received the Arts Award, and Dr. Henry Primakoff received the Glover Memorial Medal.
  • Julie Diane Pringle (class of 1971) was named best dressed student on campus.
  • Dr. Alpheus T. Mason (class of 1920) retired from Princeton University after 43 years on faculty.
  • The Alumnus included a special report on the crisis in higher education titled "The Plain Fact Is...", which was produced by the non-profit Editorial Projects for Education.