Dallas, Alexander James

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Letter from Thomas Smith to Alexander Dallas
October 11, 1792

Thomas Smith, a Pennsylvania Judge, writes to Alexander James Dallas, the Secretary of the State of Pennsylvania, about the prosecution Colonel John Montgomery's son. "The prosecution is truly disagreable to me, as besides the long acquaintance and mutual regard between me and the Defendants...

Letter from William Irvine to Alexander Dallas
November 12, 1799

William Irvine writes to Alexander James Dallas regarding the survey of Harbor Creek lands on Lake Erie as retirement compensation for military service.

Location: I-Friends-2011-1

Subject: Land and Real Estate, Military Affairs and Conflict

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1780-1799

Letter from Callender Irvine to Alexander Dallas
July 1, 1814

Callender Irvine writes to Alexander J. Dallas about settlement of the account of Tench Coxe. As money is owed to the United States, Irvine notes that the possibility of a lawsuit exists. On July 2, 1814, Dallas replies to Irvine regarding this legal issue.

Location: I-SpahrB-1966-8

Subject: Legal Affairs, Military Affairs and Conflict

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1800-1819

Letter from William Ramsey to Alexander Dallas
July 7, 1815

William Ramsey writes Secretary of War Alexander J. Dallas and discusses paying the soldiers. "As a precautionary measure I was to send on the Muster rolls for Mr. Brent's (master general) inspection so that he might approve of them so that we might rightly pay," as Ramsey explains. As no...

Location: I-SpahrB-1965-21

Subject: Military Affairs and Conflict, Politics and Government

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1800-1819

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