Keith, Charles

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"Monody to the Memory of the Rev. Dr. Charles Nisbet," by Charles Keith

Charles Keith publishes this item a year after the death of Dr. Charles Nisbet.

Note: See Related Entries for a link to Keith's letter to Anne Nisbet on July 11, 1805.

Location: DC P N723K

Subject: Personal and Family Life

Format: Books and Pamphlets

Time Period: 1800-1819

Letter from Charles Keith to Anne Nisbet
July 11, 1805

Charles Keith writes to Anne Nisbet regarding the death of her husband. "One of the best of Men is forever lost to his Friends and Mankind," as Keith observes. Keith also explains his decision to write Monody to the Memory of the Rev. Dr Charles Nisbet and asks that the Nisbet family "...

Location: I-TurnbullM-undated-1

Subject: Literary Pursuits, Personal and Family Life

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1800-1819

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