Parrot, Marcus Junius

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Journal of Marcus J. Parrott
August 1846 - February 1851, 1857

Marcus Junius Parrott records his thoughts and activities as a college student in Ohio, then in Pennsylvania at Dickinson College (graduating in 1849), as a law student thereafter at Cambridge Law School, and a few entries from 1857 when Parrott serves as delegate to Congress from the Kansas...

"Death of Hon. M. J. Parrott," by Anonymous
October 1879

An anonymous author writes this obituary for Marcus J. Parrott soon after his death in Dayton, Ohio on October 4, 1879. "Mr. Parrott," as the author observes, "was known all over Kansas as one of the most eloquent men in the state and when announced to speak at any point tremendous crowds...

Location: I-Friends-2004-3

Subject: Personal and Family Life, Politics and Government

Format: Miscellaneous

Time Period: 1860-1879

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