Whitsett Polk, Sarah Childress

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Letter from James Buchanan to Francis W. Pickens
June 6, 184

Secretary of State James Buchanan writes to Francis W. Pickens, a member of the South Carolina Senate, regarding the new James K. Polk administration, Buchanan's adjustment to life as a cabinet appointee, and Pickens' decision to not accept the position of United States Minister to the United...

Location: MC 1998.10, B2, F10

Subject: Politics and Government

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1840-1859

Letter from James Buchanan to George Plitt
November 1, 1853

James Buchanan describes his experience working and living in London as United States Minister to the United Kingdom and comments on the latest political news from the United States. George Plitt is a Pennsylvania attorney. Transcript included.

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