Native Americans

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Letter from Amy A. Carothers to Cornelius R. Agnew
October 26, 1877

Amy A. Carothers writes to Doctor Cornelius Rea Agnew regarding the delayed admittance of some of Carothers' students to the Hampton Normal School.  Carothers also requests financial support from Agnew to pay for the students' fees. Transcript included.

Location: CIS-MC-001, B1, F2

Subject: Education, Native Americans

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1860-1879

Letter from William Sherman to Horatio Collins King
May 11, 1878

Commanding General of the United States Army William Tecumseh Sherman writes Horatio Collins King to discuss the military's political tensions with Congress that exist despite the fact that US Army "Regulars... are surrounded by Indians and dangers of the most unpleasant kind." Sherman, who...

Letter from S. J. Miles to Cornelius Agnew
November 25, 1884

S. J. Mills, who works in the Osage Agency of the United States Indian Service, writes to Dr. Cornelius R. Agnew about the return of a blind Indian and provides an update on the progress of new facilities for Native Americans. 

Location: I-Friends-1973-4

Subject: Native Americans

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1880-1899


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