Shunk, Rusty

Faculty/Staff ID Card, 1976

Russell (Rusty) Shunk's Dickinson Faculty/Staff ID card from 1976-1977. Included on the card is Shunk's picture and signature. 

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00741

Location: Shelf 25 (housed with AC 00740, AC 00744, AC 00745)

Subject: Faculty/Staff, ID Card

Format: Ephemera

Sports Facility Privilege Card Front

This Sports Facility Privilege Card entitled holder, Russell (Rusty) Shunk, the ability to use the Alumni Gymnasium. On the reverse side, of this pink laminated paper card, was designated to include family members who were also given access. The card number is 225 and expired on September 1,1981.

Artifact/Collection Number: AC 00740

Location: Shelf 25 (housed with AC 00741, AC 00744, AC 00745)

Subject: ID Card, Athletics

Format: Ephemera

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