Cigarette Collector's Card, c.1910

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Cigarette Collector's Card
Cigarette Collector's Card
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AC 00566
Shelf 17 (housed with AC 00542-3, AC 00562-4)

A collector's card distributed by Murad Cigarette company as a part of the College Series still in its original plastic packaging. The front of the card features a colored drawing of a Dickinson male athlete along with a white pennant banner with "Dickinson" in red and the college's insignia in red and white and gold details. A border with "Murad" printed in red and gold goes around the drawing. On the back is a list of all the colleges featured in the College Series with a title of 'Murad Cigarettes, "The Metropolitan Standard", College Series 26-50 2nd Edition' printed in black. "S. Anargyros. A corporation factory No. 7. 3rd Dist. N. Y." is printed in black on the bottom.

Original Accession, 2007
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