Dickinsonian, February 12, 1971

This is a clip from Ralph Nader's address at Dickinson College's Public Affairs Symposium on February 7, 1971. In this clip, Nader talks about the importance of the computer in regards to its impact on peoples' lives and the collection of information. 

Academic procession at commencement, c.1983

In this clip from the start of the 1983 Commencement address, Sir Richard Attenborough makes several jokes and refers to his recent film Gandhi. Attenborough, a British actor and director, also receives an honorary degree during Commencement on May 22, 1983.

Leon Golub, Arts Award, 1992

American painter Leon Golub receives the Arts Award on March 3, 1992 in recognition of his paintings that explore state-sponsored violence. This short clip is from the start of Golub's address.

John Glover Award Medal from 1959

In this clip from the 1992 Glover Memorial Lecture, Dr. Peter Brancazio describes the issues with trying to play sports on the moon. Dr. Brancazio, a physics professor at Brooklyn College, receives the Glover Award on November 11, 1992 in recognition of his work in the physics of sports.

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