Army Committee Circular Letter
December 15, 1864

This circular letter relates to an effort to recruit individuals to serve as ministers for Union soldiers during the Civil War. “In this emergency, the Christian Commission calls for the voluntary efforts of delegates clerical and lay… for the maintenance of a constant succession of religious...

Broadside of "To the Veterans of Cumberland County!"
July 6, 1864

Major General Darius Nash Couch’s message, which is posted in Carlisle on July 6, 1864 by a E. M. Biddle, asks Cumberland County veterans “to assemble at Chambersburg,” Pennsylvania and be ready “to take orders from” Governor Andrew Curtin.

Carlisle Herald, "Proclamation by the Governor"
September 11, 1862

The Carlisle Herald publishes Pennsylvania Governor Andrew G. Curtin's proclamation on September 11, 1862 in which he calls for "able-bodied loyal men of Pennsylvania" to join military companies in response to the threat of Confederate forces at Hagerstown, Maryland. "By authority of...

Eli Slifer Papers
1849 - 1871

Eli Slifer was a prominent businessman who was responsible for the recruitment and supplying of regiments from Pennsylvania during the Civil War. His letters contain his personal, as well as business correspondence with family, friends, business partners, military officials, and even Governor...

Letter from Andrew Curtin to S. G. Theud
July 19, 1861

Pennsylvania Governor Andrew G. Curtin responds to S. G. [Theud's?]request about raising a new Pennsylvania volunteer regiment. While "I most heartily approve of the plan," Curtin notes that he "[does] not [have] the power to arm and equip a company" since Pennsylvania is "confined to the...

Mustering in Papers for Lt. John Hays II
August 1, 1862

The mustering papers for Lieutenant John Hays II (Class of 1857), who mustered in on August 1, 1862, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Captain W. B. Lane of the 3rd US Cavalry signs this document, which allows Hays to muster in more recruits to William Porters Company of Pennsylvania Volunteers. The...

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