Carlisle Indian School - Cornelius Agnew papers

Letter from Richard Henry Pratt to Cornelius Rea Agnew
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This collection contains a series of letters received by Dr. Cornelius Rea Agnew, a noted surgeon from New York City who was a strong supporter of, and significant donor to, the Carlisle Indian Industrial School. The majority of the letters were written by Richard Henry Pratt, and discuss a number of topics including donations to the school, renovations and purchases for the campus, Pratt’s attempts to gain further support and funding from politicians in Washington, and various trips undertaken by the two for the benefit of the school. One letter, from Acting Secretary of the Department of the Interior M. S. Juslyn, discusses approval for funding for one of Agnew’s trips to the American West, and two letters from Amy A. Carothers, an early teacher at the school, discuss activities in her classroom.

Note: Digital copies of two of these letters are available by following this COLLECTION LINK.  Digital copies of the other letters are avaiable by following this link to the Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center.

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