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Sat., Oct. 14, 1899

Frysinger Evans (Class of 1892) wrote and published an article in the Dickinsonian giving his insight to the problems and possible solutions for them in the Dickinson athletic department at a time when it had been struggling. Evans was the treasurer of the college when he wrote this...

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Tue., May 17, 1932

Alpha Sigma Gamma, an honorary journalistic fraternity, was formally created at a meeting held on May 17th.  The new fraternity, which planned to remain a solely Dickinson institution, aimed to further the interests of the three campus publications (The Dickinsonian, the Microcosm...

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Tue., Dec. 6, 1932

The first issue of The Hornbook, a literary magazine published by students of the English department, appeared on campus on December 6, 1932.  Students and two alumni wrote essays, poetry and fiction for the periodical.

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Fri., Sep. 15, 1950


The Hornbook is a literary publication sponsored by the student organization Belles Lettres Society. They altered the literary publication to released two publications per year. The organization increased their issues in response to the popularity of their copy the...

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Fri., Apr. 21, 1972

Students from four Central Pennsylvania colleges, Bucknell, Dickinson, Franklin and Marshall, and Gettysburg, started a new literary journal entitled continuum. This journal was concerned with the occurring reevaluation process in retrospect to the many and varied problems which...

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Fri., Sep. 1, 1972

Dr. Charles Sellers, Curator and College Historian, wrote a book encompassing the entire history of the college, entitled A History of Dickinson College. The book's released was scheduled to coincide with the celebrations of the College's 200th Anniversary.

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Thu., Sep. 5, 1991

A five-page newsletter titled "Stop the Violence" was mailed and posted around campus. The letter, written by an anonymous party, alleged that campus Greek organizations engage in "ritualized violence" and called for all such activity to stop. Student reactions to the letter were varied, and a...

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Fri., Feb. 14, 1992

An alternative newspaper called "Whistling in the Dark," written and published anonymously, appeared in random students' mailboxes. The publication's authors stated that their goal was "to address topics that one would usually not find in The Dickinsonian...for a variety of reasons."...

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