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Wilbur Harrington Norcross, 1920

Wilbur Harrington Norcross was born June 28, 1882 in Ralston, Pennsylvania. He attended Dickinson Seminary in Williamsport, Pennsylvania for two years before matriculating into Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania as a student in 1905. At Dickinson, he received both his B.A. (1907) and M....

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty
Year: Class of 1907
Wellington Amos Parlin (1899-1996)

Wellington Parlin was born in Des Moines, Iowa on January 19, 1899. He graduated from Simpson College in 1921 with a bachelor of arts degree and continued at the University of Iowa where he earned his master of sciences degree in 1922. He taught at Emory University as an instructor in physics...

College Relationship: Faculty
Gaylord H. Patterson, c.1930

Gaylord Patterson was born in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania on August 18, 1866. He attended Allegheny College but graduated in 1888 from Ohio Wesleyan University. He then earned his Ph.D. from Yale and other degrees from the Boston University School of Theology and Harvard. He then embarked upon a...

College Relationship: Faculty
Portrait of Jesse Truesdell Peck

Jesse Truesdell Peck, the youngest of ten children of Luther Peck, was born on April 4, 1811 on a farm in Middlefield, Otsego County, New York. He was educated at Cazenovia Seminary and became a minister in the Methodist Church. He married Persis Wing on October 13, 1831, and in the following...

College Relationship: Faculty, President, Trustee
John C. Pflaum, c.1960

John Christian Pflaum was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 13, 1903. After graduating from high school in 1921, Pflaum earned both his bachelor’s degree in economics (1925) and his master’s degree in history (1929) from the University of Pennsylvania. Opting to teach instead of...

College Relationship: Faculty
Portrait of Cornelius William Prettyman

Cornelius Prettyman was born on July 21, 1872 in Leipsic, Delaware, the son of the Reverend Cornelius Witbank Prettyman of the Dickinson class of 1872 and his wife Emma Elizabeth. He prepared at the Newark Academy in his home state and then entered Delaware College in 1886. That same year he...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty, President
Year: Class of 1891
Leon Cushing Prince, 1898

Leon Prince was born on May 15, 1875 to Morris Watson and Katherine Farnham Buck Prince in Concord, New Hampshire. He attended Bordentown Military Academy and then enrolled in New York University in 1894. During his time at military school, Prince was struck with muscular dystrophy which would...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty
Year: Class of 1898
Morris W. Prince, c.1890

Morris Watson Prince was born a minister's son in an old New England family in East Boothbay, Maine in 1843. He went to school in Bucksport and went on to Wesleyan College where he was graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1868. One of his classmates was George Edward Reed. He studied theology at Boston...

College Relationship: Faculty
John Drake Pusey (1905-1966)

John Drake Pusey was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1905. He graduated from Northwestern University and subsequently attended the Chicago Art Institute and the Yale University School of Fine Arts. He went on to study abroad in France at the Louvre, the Luxembourg Art Museum, and the Prado in...

College Relationship: Faculty
Portrait of George Edward Reed

George Reed was born in Brownsville, Maine on March 28, 1846 as the tenth of eleven children of the Reverend George and Ann Hellyer Reed. His father died when George was 10 and after living with relatives he was reunited with his mother in Lowell, Massachusetts at the age of 10. He went to...

College Relationship: Faculty, President

John Reed was born in 1786 on Marsh Creek, in Adams County, the son of General William Reed. He entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with the class of 1806 but left before graduation to study law with William Maxwell of nearby Gettysburg. Reed was admitted to the bar and began...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty, Honorary Degree, Trustee
Year: Class of 1806
Horace E. Rogers, c.1960

Horace Rogers was born on December 5, 1902 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1920 and graduated Phi Beta Kappa four years later in 1924. He had also become a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. His mentor, Dr. Ernest A. Vuilleumier...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty
Year: Class of 1924
Lewis G. Rohrbaugh, c.1930

Lewis Guy Rohrbaugh was born on February 24, 1884 in Fowblesburg, near Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from Franklin High School in Reisterstown in 1903 and entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. During his college years, Rohrbaugh became a member of Alpha Chi Rho, Omicron Delta...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty, Honorary Degree
Year: Class of 1907
James Ross (1743-1827)

 James Ross was born on May 18, 1743 in Oxford Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of William Ross, a Scottish-Irish immigrant. He attended Princeton College, although there is no record of him graduating. He received a master’s degree from the College of Philadelphia in 1775...

College Relationship: Faculty
Ralph Schecter, c.1945

Ralph Schecter was born on September 28, 1893 in Riola, Illinois, and attended public schools in nearby Danville. He graduated from the University of Illinois in 1916. Following service with the American Expeditionary Force in France as an engineer and conductor of the 243rd Engineers Band, he...

College Relationship: Faculty
Alexander Jacob Schem (1826-1881)

Alexander Jacob Schem was born on March 16, 1826 in Wiedenbruck in Westphalia to a vinegar manufacturer named Freidrich Schem and his wife Adolphine von Felgenhauer. He was educated first at the Paderborn Gymnasium and then went on to the Universities at Bonn and Tubingen, studying Catholic...

College Relationship: Faculty
Charles C. Sellers, c.1970

Charles Coleman Sellers was born in Overbrook, Pennsylvania on March 16, 1903. He attended Haverford College until 1925, graduating Phi Beta Kappa, and went on to earn his master of arts degree from Harvard in 1926. He then went on to a career as an historian and librarian. From 1937 to 1949...

College Relationship: Faculty, Honorary Degree
Montgomery Porter Sellers, c.1940

Montgomery Porter Sellers was born on August 26, 1873 to Francis Benjamin and Martha Porter Sellers. He grew up in Carlisle and graduated from Carlisle High School. Sellers entered the local Dickinson College in 1889. While a student at Dickinson, Sellers took courses in the modern language...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty
Year: Class of 1893

Joseph Spencer was born on March 21, 1790, in Beverly, Talbot County, Maryland. He was privately educated in Philadelphia, and became a teacher at the Episcopal Seminary there, being ordained in 1819. He left in 1820 to become the principal of Washington Academy in Somerset County, Maryland....

College Relationship: Faculty
John Keagy Stayman (1823-1882)

John Stayman was born on September 28, 1823 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. In the matriculation register of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, he listed an Eliza L. Stayman under the title of Parent or Guardian. During his years at Dickinson, Stayman was a member of the Union...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty
Year: Class of 1841
Henry Matthew Stephens (1868-1921)

Henry Matthew Stephens was born in Neosho, Missouri, on January 4, 1868. His family moved to Renovo, Pennsylvania, where he attended high school. He further prepared for his undergraduate studies at the Dickinson-Williamsport Seminary. He entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty
Year: Class of 1892
Mulford Stough, c.1940

Mulford Stough was born on May 1, 1888 in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania to William W. and Clara V. Bauer Stough. He attended Shippensburg State Teacher College from 1904 to 1907, before receiving his bachelor's degree from Washington and Lee University in 1911. He worked at the Old Thrush and...

College Relationship: Faculty
Ovando Byron Super (1848-1935)

Ovando Super was born March 2, 1848 in Juniata Township, Pennsylvania, to Henry and Mary Diener Super. He attended local schools but largely prepared himself for college. He entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in 1871 and graduated near the head of the class in 1873. While a...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty
Year: Class of 1873
Mary Buckley Taintor, 1959

Mary Taintor was born on July 25, 1889 in Rochester, Minnesota. She graduated from Ripon College in 1911 and received a degree from Stanford University in 1918. She was also a student in Italy at the American Classical School in Rome in 1911 and 1912; she also studied at the University of...

College Relationship: Faculty
Russell Irvin Thompson  (1898-1957)

Russell Thompson was born in Reading, Pennsylvania on December 29, 1898, the son and grandson of physicians, which may account for his undergraduate nickname, "Doc." He attended Reading High School and entered Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania with the class of 1920. As an...

College Relationship: Alumnus/Alumna, Faculty
Year: Class of 1920


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