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In this edition, overenrollment plagues the College again, spurring many new renovations and additions to buildings on campus. The freshman enrollment this year has set the record. The tradition of stealing the mermaid atop of the cupola has been changed to a race to find a hidden red devil....

Dickinsonian Front Page

Miller Beer retracted its sponsorship of Greek Week after they were unable to come to an agreement with the IFC and Dickinson's administration regarding the limits that would be placed on Miller during the week. The Skull and Key Society expressed interest in being reinstated after having been...

Dickinsonian Front Page

550 freshmen arrive on campus to begin orientation and their college careers at Dickinson. Alpha Chi Rho fraternity is re-issued its charter after a one-year suspension and will begin an alcohol-free pledge program. The Alumni Council endorses a resolution implementing an "alternative beverage"...


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