Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, April 28, 1983

Miller Beer retracted its sponsorship of Greek Week after they were unable to come to an agreement with the IFC and Dickinson's administration regarding the limits that would be placed on Miller during the week. The Skull and Key Society expressed interest in being reinstated after having been suspended in 1981 for throwing beer kegs through windows of fraternity houses. The Evolutionary biologist Dr. Stephen Gould was given the Priestley Award. The Society of Hispanic Students was founded in response to the growing Hispanic community on campus. Despite rumors that freshman were seeking to transfer from Dickinson at higher rates than usual, the Registrar of the College, Ronald E. Doernbach, claims that the attrition rate is the same as most years. Two anonymous editorials examine the rejection of the Miller contract and the reinstating of Skull & Key. Paul Rosengren and Pat Francis write an editorial criticizing the Dickinson student body for not showing up to the "Marx and Beyond" consortium-sponsored symposium held during Siblings Weekend. Squeeze's "Singles" album is reviewed. Marybeth Kelly reviews the Mermaid Players' production of "Gondoliers." Kokolis' Poolhall is profiled. Baseball is knocked out of the playoffs by Wilkes. Windy Simmons discusses the difficult process of buying running shoes. Men's lacrosse loses to Swarthmore.