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In the last football game of the season, Dickinson defeats Muhlenberg. The all-College Social committee begins to discuss plans for the annual Doll Show and the Thanksgiving dance. The Tribunal gives the freshman an exam to test their knowledge on the subjects of the College and Carlisle. The...

Dickinsonian Front Page

Dickinson students and members of the Allison Memorial church will work together to create of performance of a Nativity play. The Men’s Senate ordered its Tribunal to remove several Freshman Rules, affective after the winter break. It is discovered that the library has great diversity in books....

Dickinsonian Front Page

The Dickinson Players presented the play “Death Takes a Holiday” in the Carlisle High School Auditorium. Rev. Phillips Packer Elliot will be the Week-of-Prayer speaker at the chapel exercises. A history of the Doll Show is reported. The Greek Club presents a program on Greek music. The College...


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