Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, November 30, 1934

In the last football game of the season, Dickinson defeats Muhlenberg. The all-College Social committee begins to discuss plans for the annual Doll Show and the Thanksgiving dance. The Tribunal gives the freshman an exam to test their knowledge on the subjects of the College and Carlisle. The Dickinson College Players will perform “Death Takes a Holiday.” A hymnal in which past and present students have been recording comments on the chapel speakers is found. A faculty member aids in solving the murder cases of the three young girls found in the woods, and the man and woman found dead in a train station near Altoona. Hair analysis shows that there is no blood relationship between the three girls and the woman. A Dickinson alum is chosen by the governor-elect to join a committee whose focus is the revise Pennsylvania’s constitution. The school now requires that every girl has a physical examination. The cross country team loses to Haverford. The soccer team loses to Penn State.