Dickinsonian Newspaper

Dickinsonian, November 1887

The Dickinsonian criticizes students for poor behavior during chapel exercises, and chastises the freshman class for not acting as a better "police force" to keep unwanted visitors off campus, as was custom at this time.  Emory Hall falls into disuse and ruin, prompting requests for some purpose to be made for the facility.  Issues of disrespect arise between Dickinson's students and fraternity members and the greater Carlisle police force.  The Sophomore class refuses to participate in a cane rush with the Freshmen, a pleasing sign to the Dickinsonian about the end of that "dangerous contest" at Dickinson.  The Phi-Psi fraternity holds a banquet.  Dickinson's football team plays Lehigh, losing 0-20.  Mud-flinging begins between Dickinson students and the Lafayette football team over unpaid debts and alleged disrespect from both sides.