Letter from Roger B. Taney to Taney Campbell

Letter from Roger B. Taney to Taney Campbell
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August 18, 1855

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Brooke Taney writes his grandson, [Roger Brooke] Taney Campbell, and notes that he is glad to have heard so much from the Campbell family this summer. As Taney explains, he and his wife just this morning received letters from Taney Campbell's father and sister Alice. In addition, Taney also comments on the outbreak of yellow fever in Norfolk and Portsmouth.

"We hear now scarcely anything talked about but sickness and death from the fever," as Taney explains. Yet, as he is in Old Point, Taney believes that "we are far enough off to feel no fear about it." Officials have also taken steps to protect the large number of soldiers stationed near Old Point. "The commanding officer has forbidden any person landing from Norfolk or Portsmouth," as Taney notes. Taney also reports that "your Aunt Lizzie left us on Wednesday" and "little Roger improves daily." Transcript included.

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Gift of Boyd Lee Spahr