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Letter, Oct. 1859 (Box 1, folder 2)

The collection consists mainly of personal correspondence: fifty letters, most of which are from Carolyn Elizabeth Roberts Ayer to her husband Joseph Cullen Ayer (b. 1839) at various points in his life, beginning before their marriage (1861) when he was at Harvard; as a medical officer in the...

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Pamphlet, undated (Box 7, folder 23)

The Edwin K. Charles collection consists of the various papers, government documents, newsletters, transcripts, and publications collected by Charles in the years following the accident at Three Mile Island. Edwin K. Charles, a resident of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, became heavily involved...

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Notebook, 1824-1827 (Box 1, folder 3)

Thomas Creigh (1808-1880), Dickinson Class of 1828, attended Princeton Theological Seminary and was ordained by the Carlisle Presbytery in 1831. He served as a pastor in Mercersburg, Pa. The collection includes two notebooks from Creigh's student days at Dickinson College. The first notebook...

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Photograph, 1985 (Photographs, folder 1)

The Bevery Hess collection consists of the various papers, newspaper clippings, books, audiotapes and photographs collected by Hess during her most active period of involvement with local anti-nuclear groups. Bevery Hess was a resident of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania prior to the accident at...

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Essay instructions, c.1979 (Box 1, folder 2)

Julius "Steve" Kassovic taught in the Sociology-Anthropology Department at Dickinson from 1979 to 1984. This collection contains assignments from his popular Introduction to Folklore course, during which students gathered jokes, stories, myths, ethnic expressions and other pieces of folkore from...

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Photograph, 1887 (Photographs, folder 17)
circa 1860-1952

Zatae Longsdorff Straw (1866-1955) was the first woman graduate of Dickinson College as a member of the class of 1887; she went on to a successful career as a doctor and politician. The collection of her papers includes correspondence, printed and manuscript materials, scrapbooks and scrapbook...

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Journal, c.1830 (Box 1, folder 1)

William C. McPherson graduated from Dickinson College in 1829 before beginning a life-long career as a physician. The collection is comprised of two diaries that contain entries dating from his college days, some notes from medical school lectures, and his post-college daily life in Marietta,...

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Letter, 1932 (Box 1, folder 33)

Julia Morgan (1891-1948), Class of 1911, served as a medical missionary in China from approximately 1924 to 1941. This collection contains correspondence written primarily by Julia to her father, James Henry Morgan, during her time in China. These materials also include photographs of members of...

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Letter, Oct. 1838 (Box 1, folder 35)

Hiester Henry Muhlenberg (1812-1886) was a member of the distinguished Muhlenberg family of Pennsylvania. He graduated from Dickinson College in 1829. This collection contains almost 200 letters, most of which were written by members of Muhlenberg's immediate family. These letters reflect...

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Photograph, 1979 (Photographs, folder 1)

The John H. Murdoch collection consists of various papers, newspaper clippings, audiotapes, and photographs collected by Murdoch during his involvement with Three Mile Island Alert. John Murdoch was a long-time resident of Lower Allen Township, Cumberland County and became involved in emergency...

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Death certificate, 1902 (Box 2, folder 17)

The collection documents the lives of the members of the Potter, Guererro, James, and Lord families from the 1850s to the 1940s, beginning with Henry Cardwell Potter (1822-1902), a Philadelphia businessman who through his business dealings became Consul of Nicaragua for the city. Potter's...

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Newspaper, 1817 (Oversized, folder 1)

The collection documents several generations of the Poulson family and its role in publishing Poulson's American Daily Advertiser. It includes submissions, woodcuts, and sample issues from the Daily Advertiser; correspondence; genalogical materials; and financial and legal...

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Engraving, undated (Box 2, folder 9)

This collection includes letters, documents, clippings, pamphlets, and photographs relating to Joseph Priestley and his descendants. It was presented to the college by Mrs. Temple Fay.

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Newsletter, 1980 (Box 1, folder 22)

The Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) collection consists of the various papers, newsletters, court dockets, and publications which were housed by PIRC in an effort to organize all efforts against the restart of Three Mile Island, following the near-meltdown on March 28, 1979. The PIRC was...

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Letter from Charles Nisbet to the Minister of Drumelzier
February 24, 1767

Charles Nisbet writes to the Minister of Drumelzier and inquires about various events since his visit three months ago. Nisbet also requests updates on several ministers as well as a few other individuals. "Does [Mr. Plummer] continue his nightly Engagements with the Devil & Sir David Murray...

Location: I-TurnbullM-undated-4

Subject: Health and Medicine, Personal and Family Life, Religion and Spirituality

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1760-1779

Letter from Benjamin Rush to Julia Stockton Rush
August 26, 1787

Benjamin Rush writes to his wife, Julia Stockton Rush, regarding poetry, the division of land, and his medical essays. Transcript included.

Letter from Catharine Graham to George Washington (Draft)
March 1791

Draft of a Catharine Macaulay Graham's letter to President George Washington. Graham expresses concern for Washington's health and the French Revolution. Transcript included.

Location: I-Purchase-1967-1

Subject: Health and Medicine, International Affairs, Politics and Government

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1780-1799

Letters from Charles Nisbet to Mary Nisbet

Dickinson President Charles Nisbet writes thirteen letters to his daughter, Mary Nisbet, offering advice on marriage and family life in addition to discussions of domestic and political affairs. Transcripts included.

Letter from Charles Nisbet to William Young
November 21, 1792

Charles Nisbet writes to bookseller William Young regarding a packet from an unspecified Mr. Wilson with two letters for Europe. Nisbet also asks for a paper, discusses Carlisle weather, and speculates about the French Revolution.

Ticket for “Lectures upon the Institutes of Medicine and Clinical Cases,” by Benjamin Rush

William Kirkpatrick's ticket for Benjamin Rush's "Lectures upon the Institutes of Medicine and Clinical Cases" at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia in 1794.

Location: I-Original-1794-2

Subject: Health and Medicine

Format: Memorabilia and Ephemera

Time Period: 1780-1799

Letters from Charles Nisbet to William Young, 1796-99

Dickinson President Charles Nisbet writes eight letters to William Young, a bookseller and printer in Philadelphia, that mostly regard the political state of affairs in America and Europe, particularly the French Revolution. "The revolutionists of France first encouraged the people to despise...

Letter from Joseph Priestley to Benjamin Barton
September 15, 1797

Dr. Joseph Priestley writes to Dr. Benjamin Smith Barton regarding Antiphlogistion enemies, a yellow fever outbreak, and scientist Dr. John Maclean. "I wish that you would give me any information that you may get of the notions of my Antiphlogistion enemies," as Priestley explains. Priestley...

Location: I-BeachW-1975-10

Subject: Health and Medicine, Science and Technology

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1780-1799

Letter from Charles Nisbet to William Young
August 21, 1800

Charles Nisbet writes bookseller William Young to discuss various political and religious events in France, Ireland, and the United States. Nisbet mentions Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Jefferson, Mathew Carey, James Napper Tandy, Joseph Priestley, and others. "It is not probable that [France]...

Letter from Joseph Priestley to Jean-Frédéric Perregaux
April 12, 1801

Joseph Priestley to Jean-Frédéric Perregaux in Paris regarding the annual income from "Mr. [John] Wilkinson's donation" and "the probable state of your funds in the it is my wish to reside some time" in France. He had wanted to go to France when he left England but was unable to, as...

Location: I-BeachW-1986-10

Subject: Economics and Finance, Health and Medicine, Travel and Tourism

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1800-1819

Letter from Charles Nisbet to Alexander Nisbet
June 11, 1802

Charles Nisbet writes to his son Alexander, an attorney in Baltimore, MD. Nisbet discusses Alexander's recovery from influenza, problems facing universities and colleges, and the health of his family. Transcript included.

Location: I-McIntoshM-1965-2

Subject: Education, Health and Medicine, Personal and Family Life

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: 1800-1819


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