Before 1760

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Survey map, June 1755 (Box 1, folder 10)

The collection contains papers related to John Armstrong's service as a surveyor in Cumberland County between 1755 and 1783. These papers include correspondence with the Surveyor-General of Pennsylvania and Delaware, John Lukens, complaints from his clients, and several survey maps drawn by...

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Pieter Burman journals

This collection is comprised of three journals containing notes on lectures delivered by Pieter Burman during his tenure at the University of Leiden, sometime between 1715 and 1740. It is not known precisely who took these notes. The notebooks themselves are believed to have been donated to...

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Diary, 1851-1856 (Box 2, folder 8)

Moncure Daniel Conway was born into a southern aristocratic family, but ultimately became one of the nation's leading abolitionists and humanitarians. Conway was a graduate of Dickinson College in 1849 and was trained for the ministry at Harvard Divinity School. The collection consists mainly of...

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Photograph, 1862 (Photographs, folder 3)

The Hays family papers include correspondence, deeds, and memorabilia of six generations of this prominent Carlisle, Pa. family whose scions include General Ephraim Blaine (1741-1804), Commissary-General in the American Revolution and charter trustee of Dickinson College, and James G. Blaine (...

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Engraving, undated (Box 2, folder 9)

This collection includes letters, documents, clippings, pamphlets, and photographs relating to Joseph Priestley and his descendants. It was presented to the college by Mrs. Temple Fay.

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Letter, 1809 (Box 2, folder 12)

The collection consists of the papers of the families of Jacob and Cornelius Vanderbilt, farmers and tax assessors of Newton Township, Cumberland County, Pa. Accounts of the Civil War are included among family correspondence, bills, accounts, and tax lists. Also included in the collection are a...

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Letter from John Montgomery to Richard Peters
June 6, 1758

Captain John Montgomery writes Richard Peters to recommend John Hadden for a commission as ensign.  Montgomery explains that his “Company are Desireous that no other person should have the commission but [Hadden].” Transcript included.

Location: I-SpahrB-1965-25

Subject: Military Affairs and Conflict

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: Before 1760

Letter from John Montgomery to Thomas Lloyd
June 6, 1758

Captain John Montgomery writes to Major Thomas Lloyd in reply to letter received on June 3rd. "I will not be able to march to Lancaster of Friday next as you have requested as I am still raising men for my company." Transcript included.

Location: I-SpahrB-1964-3

Subject: Military Affairs and Conflict

Format: Letters/Correspondence

Time Period: Before 1760

Prayer Written by Charles Nisbet
April 18, 1759

Charles Nisbet writes this prayer, expressing contrition and hope, while in Edinburgh, Scotland. Transcript included.

Location: I-McIntoshM-1965-4

Subject: Religion and Spirituality

Format: Speeches and Sermons

Time Period: Before 1760

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