1917 Commencement Concert

Sat., Jun. 2, 1917

The Glee and Mandolin Clubs performed a program of twelve songs for the 1917 commencement concert in Bosler Hall. The Glee Club sang Blossom-Herbert's "Be Happy Boys To-night", Bauer's "Strike Up", and Richards' "Mister Boogaman". The Mandolin Club played Lavallee's "Overture" from King of Diamonds, Bone's "Gamilla", and Waldteufel's "Spanish Waltz". A quartette of men performed Capua's "O Sole Mio", Charles Goodyear performed a vocal solo, William Lustig performed a violin solo to Beethoven's "Minuet in G", and a Messrs. Scribner and Beaver performed McDonald's "Getting Married". The clubs combined to close both the first and the second act with Sherwood's "Aloha" and Brennen and Ball's "For Dixie and Uncle Sam", respectively. 


1917 Commencement Concert Program