Glee Club Performs in Bedford

Thu., Apr. 18, 1929

As a part of their spring tour, the Glee Club performed their program of nineteen songs at the Bedford Methodist Episcopal Church. In the first half of the show, they sang Jenkins' "Victory", Metcalf-Lynes' "Absent", Sanderson's "Until", Adams' "The Bells of St. Mary's", Galloway's "Gypsy Trail", McGill's "Duna", Schenk's "Bow Down", and Chudleigh-Candish's "Song of the Jolly Roger". After the intermission, the program continued with Ward-Stephens' "The Phantom Legion", Logan's "Pale Moon", Greer's "One Step to Heaven", Axt-Mendoza's "Cross Roads", Wagner's "Tannhauser", Donizetti's "What", and Romberg's "Auf Wiedersehn".  


Glee Club Bedford Concert Program