Glee Club Presents "A Festival of College Songs "

Wed., Mar. 11, 1953

The Men's Glee Club presented A Festival of College Songs for their annual spring concert at 8:00pm in Bosler Hall. The program featured primarily Dickinson songs but also included some songs from other colleges and universities. It began with Budding's "Dickinson Victory Song", arranged by Oglesby. The program continued with Russell-Knight's "Halls of Ivy", Bullard's "Dartmouth Winter Song", Lecuonaa's "Malaguena", and Minnigerode-Pomeroy-Galloway's "Whiffenpoof Song". The first half concluded with a "drinking medley" compiled by Oglesby which included songs such as Romberg's "Student Marching Song" and "Drinking Song", Fenstad-Colcord's "Stein Song", and Russell-Knight's "Drink, Drink, Drink". To open the second half of the show, the men sang "Old Air: Our College Home" and King's "Dickinson for Aye". They then performed another Oglesby medley including "Lord Jeffrery Amherst", "Cornell Alma Mater", "Yale Fight Song", and "Dickinson Fight Song". They then sang Waring's "Dry Bones" and finished the program with the Dickinson Alma Mater. 


A Festival of College Songs Program