Howard Baum Retires

Thu., Oct. 1, 1987

Howard Baum, the former director of Auxiliary Services, decided to retire in October 1987 after spending 23 years working at Dickinson College. Baum, a member of the Class of 1950, worked in the department store business from 1950 to 1962 after graduating from Dickinson. In 1964, Baum was approached by Dr. George Shuman, then the financial vice-president of the College, about opening a college store on campus. The store was eventually opened in the newly renovated Holland Union Building (HUB). Howard Baum, with regards to his retirement, commented that his wife and he still had things they wanted to do within their lifetime which led to his decision to retire.

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Dickinsonian, Oct. 8, 1987, pg. 10.