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Thu., Apr. 18, 1907

Philadelphia alumni met at "The Orchard" at Essingston for a banquet for the Alumni Association of Philadelphia. The dinner was made possible by donations from three wealthy Philadelphia alums. The reception was informal and many alumni were in attendance. 

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Thu., Feb. 20, 1919

The Northfield Summer Conference, which is made up of students from several universities and nationalities planned the World Students' Fellowship Campaign. In the wake of WWI, the purpose of the campaign is to "bind the students of the world in a league of mutual friendship and helpfulness."...

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Fri., May 9, 1919

Dickinson grad Rev. James E. Skillington became the college's new pastor at Allison Church.

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Wed., Mar. 11, 1931

The YMCA and YWCA began their annual Dickinson in China Campaign to raise money to support a medical missionary working at the West China Union University in Chengtu, West China.

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Sat., Mar. 28, 1931

The executive committee of the board of trustees named Dr. James Henry Morgan, who had served as President from 1914 to 1928, to be the acting head of the college.  The committee had originally planned to meet and nominate a temporary head while President Filler was ill; however, the day of the...

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Sat., Oct. 10, 1931

The Board of Trustees elected Dr. Karl Tinsley Waugh, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences of UCLA, to be the next president of Dickinson College. 

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Sat., Feb. 22, 1941

A two-headed calf, born and deceased on February 21 at the Shultz farm near Boiling Springs, was donated to the Dickinson Biology Department on February 22.  It joined the Baird collection.

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Mon., Sep. 1, 1958

Dickinson received sixteen international students and five of them were here for the first time. Jean-Paul Rey was from Burgundy, France and studied economics at Dickinson. Rainer Schult was from Germany and studied literature at Dickinson. Sergio Garcia was from Mexico and had plans to work for...

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Fri., Jan. 12, 1962

On New Years Day 1962, Arthur D. Platt, the newly appointed Executive Assistant to President Howard Rubendall, officially joined the Dickinson administration. Prior to coming to Dickinson College, Mr. Platt was the executive assistant to the president of Northfield Corporation for 17 years....

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Sat., Dec. 15, 1962

Sidney D. Kline was elected President of the Board of Trustees unanimously of Dec. 15th. Mr. Kline, a member of of the Class of 1924, was the successor to Mr. Boyd Lee Spahr (class of 1900).

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Fri., Apr. 26, 1963

At their 49th annual meeting on Friday April 26, 1963, the AAUP (American Association of University Professors) removed Dickinson College from the censure list. Dickinson was originally placed on the list in 1958 after the college dismissed a professor without due process. President Howard...

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Wed., Feb. 17, 1965

President Dr. Howard L. Rubendall announced the receipt of a $50,000 check from Research Corp. of New York as the initial payment of an $85,000 science grant that will extend over three years. The grant went towards a program for increasing faculty research, a new faculty member in the...

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Fri, Sep. 30, 1966

in 1966, the Ford Foundation awarded Dickinson College a $2,000,000 "challenge grant" to help the institution "reach new peaks of excellence."

The terms of the grant required that the College raise an additional six million from private sources within a three year period, ending June 30,...

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Mon., Jan. 23, 1967

On January 23, 1967, College President Howard L. Rubendall announced the resignation of Dean of Women Barbara S. Wishmeyer, effective June 30. Dean Wishmeyer explained that she had resigned so that she could "spend more time with my husband and son." In his announcement, President Rubendall...

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Wed., Mar. 15, 1967

On March 15, 1967, College President Howard L. Rubendall announced that Professor of English Harold R. Gillespie would replace retiring Dean Benjamin D. James.

Although Professor Gillespie did not submit a formal application, he did respond to a request to be considered for the position,...

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Fri., Apr. 19, 1968

Barry Taylor was the only Dickinsonian selected to participate in Operations Crossroads Africa during the summer of 1968. The program, which lasted for eight weeks, was located in Malawi.

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Fri., Aug. 2, 1968

Dickinson College was the recipient of a $171,500 grant in support of the college's geology department to build new laboratory facilities.

President Howard Rubendall said that the grant was the largest paid to Dickinson by the National Science Foundation. The grant was granted to the...

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Fri., Apr. 11, 1969

Dottie Cole ('71), Joanne Harley ('70) and Ray Peters ('71) were chosen out of the nine applicants to participate in Operations Crossroads Africa. They would go on to join over 2000 other students, teachers, physicians, and leaders in a summer long program in several African countries. 

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Wed., Jul. 1, 1970

Dr. Howard E. Figler assumed his duties as the new college counselor on July 1, 1970.

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Sat., Aug. 1, 1970

Stephen E. Markwood, former Assistant Dean of Student Life at Waynesburg College, assumed the position of Dean of Men at Dickinson on August 1, 1970.

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Thu., Aug. 13, 1970

Professors Henry W. A. Hanson and Noel Potter of the Geology Department led 14 students on a two-week trip to Alaska, leaving Carlisle on August 13, 1970.  The students observed gold mining and glaciers while in Alaska.

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Wed., Sep. 1, 1971

Major Gareth C. Houghton, a field artillery officer, was appointed to the ROTC staff as assistant professor of military science . In the past, Houghton had served in Vietnam and Thailand, and had received the Army Commendation Medal, the Joint Service Commendation Medal, and the Bronze Star.

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Fri., Sep. 10, 1971

Dr. Kenneth L. Laws replaced Stanley Nodder Jr. as Assistant Dean of the College. After teaching physics at Dickinson for several years, Laws took on the administrative job in the hopes of helping students with academic problems.

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Fri., Nov. 12, 1971

In 1953 the portrait of James Buchanan, an 1809 graduate of Dickinson, was presented to the college by Mrs. Merle W. Allen. The portrait was painted by famous American portrait artist George Peter Alexander Healy. When the college library moved from Bosler to the newly built Boyd Lee Spahr, the...

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Sat., Jan. 26, 1974

President Howard L. Rubendall, a member of the Class of 1931, announced on January 26, 1974 that he would retire in June 1975.

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