New Policy on Drinking on Campus is Implemented

Tue., Sep. 1, 1987

A new policy regarding drinking and parties on campus began during the academic year of 1987-1988. The policy required that any group hosting a social event had to submit a Registration Form, 48 hours in advance, registering the social event with the director of Residential Life, Marty Redman. The policy also required that the group would have to obtain permission to host the event from the Head Resident or Resident Advisor in the area. A restriction on times of the social events was also a part of this policy. All organized social events had to be shut down by 12:30 am on the weekdays (Sunday thru Thursday) and 2:00 am on the weekends (Friday and Saturday).

Prior to this policy, there had been no restriction on the hours of parties on campus which brought many complaints forward from students, faculty, and staff. There was also a new time for the clean-up of a social event within the policy: all the trash from these events would have to be picked up by 9:00 am, a change from the 11:00 am time that had previously been required. Many members on the Inter-Fraternity Council expressed their concerns with this new policy, stating that it seemed as if Dickinson were trying to limit their privilege to party on campus. Some members also brought up that the IFC had agreed to a different time limit, 1:00 am on the weekdays and 3:30 am on the weekends, and that Dickinson had gone above their wishes and created this new time limit. Marty Redman, director of Residential Life, stated within the article that his intention was not to make the campus dry and that it was merely a way to "look out for the well-being of our students." He also stated that he wanted to work with students to get their feedback on the policy.


Dickinsonian, Sep. 17, 1987, p.5-7.