Student Senate Approves Administration's Revised Decision

Sat., Feb. 25, 1967

Following "generally obnoxious drunken behavior" on Saturday March 24, 1967, College President Rubendall, and Deans Pease and James ruled that "due to the disturbance in the dining hall at dinner Saturday, all 10 fraternities were to be placed on social probation." In response, Student Senate President Mike Della Vecchia suggested to Dean James that a Senate representative and IFC meet with the ten fraternity presidents to "determine the nature and degree of the disturbance", a suggestion Dean James agreed to.

By Monday morning, College President Rubendall, Dean James and Dean Pease reevaluated the circumstances, and said that the character of the event had changed "from a question of authority to a matter of a few people engaging in obnoxious action without the agreement of fraternity or general campus opinion." Based on this change of perspective, Dean James agreed to represent the faculty in an investigation into the Saturday incident alongside IFC, with Della Vecchia representing the student senate.

Following this, the Student Senate passed a resolution condemning the Administration's original action "in making the Saturday decision without proper investigation." But also commended the Administration's modified policy.

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