"Take Back the Night" Marches

Sun., Apr. 10, 1988

On April 10th,  the Women's Center sponsored a "Take Back the Night" march for campus. Roughly 60 to 70 men and women attended the march. The purpose of the march was to raise awareness within the community about sexual violence and to educate students about the resources that were available. Once the march made it to the Quads, they met some resistance from some on-lookers: one man in particular made sexual gestures at the group and another threw a firecracker at the banner being carried. Overall, the march was a success; many of the marchers felt that their message was heard by both students and faculty members. The Women's Center hoped to make this event an annual one: it actually still occurs on campus to this day.


Dickinsonian, Apr. 14, 1988, pg. 3.