Basketball (Women's)

Blocking a Shot, c.1975

A Dickinson women's basketball player, in white, blocks an opponent's shot during a game around 1975.

Cheering from the Sidelines, 1983

The Dickinson women's basketball team cheers their teammates on from the sideline during a 1983 game.

Class of 1933 Women's Basketball Team, 1933

The Class of 1933 women's basketball team during their senior year.

Left to Right: Mary H. Dickey, Emma S. Fry, Gertrude Yeager, Jeanne Whittaker, Frances Yard, Mary Bate, Mildred Smith

Class of 1934 Women's Basketball Team, 1933

The class of 1934's women's basketball team in their junior year.

Top row: Emma Wentzel, Jeanette O. Bastress, Mary L. Jacobs, Margaret Davis, Elizabeth Billow

Bottom row: Wilhelmina LaBar, Helen M. Baker, Ruth Sharp (captain),...

Class of 1962 Women's Basketball Team, 1960

The Class of 1962, pictured here, won the 1959-1960 inter-class tournament.


First row: Julia Kerstetter, Barbara Fogg, Carol Valenti, Katharine Everhart

Second row: Barbara Wirth, Lynn Hammond, Suzanne Sheffer

Dickinson Play Day Basketball Teams, 1938

Dickinson College hosts a "Play Day" for women's sports including Bucknell, Susquehanna, and Lebanon Valley on March 5, 1938.  The morning events include a basketball tournament between the teams from the respective colleges.  Dickinson's players are pictured in...

Dickinson Women's Basketball vs. Franklin and Marshall, 1975

Dickinson's women's basketball team played the women's team from Franklin and Marshall on February 17, 1976.

Dickinson Women's Basketball vs. Johns Hopkins, 1986

Lisa Hulshart takes a shot during a basketball game against Johns Hopkins University on January 28, 1986.

Jumping to the Basket, c.1980

A Dickinson women's basketball player lays up the ball during a game.

Nancy Oppenheimer 1000 Point Celebration, 1984

Nancy Oppenheimer became the first woman in Dickinson's history to reach 1000 points in basketball after a 1984 game versus Allentown.  Here, she is congratulated by Coach Judy Yorio, to her side, and Dean Leonard Goldberg, to the left.

Pi Beta Phi Basketball Team, 1938

Members of the Pi Beta Phi basketball team, which won the inter-sorority basketball tournament in 1938.

Taking the Shot, 1982

A Dickinson women's basketball player takes a shot during a 1982 game.

Women's Basketball Practice, 1941

View as the women's basketball team practice in the Alumni Gymnasium in 1941.

Women's Basketball Practice, c.1950

The women's basketball team takes a shot during a practice in the Alumni Gymnasium, circa 1950.

Women's Basketball Practice, c.1960

Women practice basketball in the Alumni Gymnasium, circa 1960.


Women's Basketball team, 1932

The Women's Basketball team poses outside of the Alumni Gymnasium during the 1931-1932 academic year. 

Team members (class of 1933): H. Dickey, E. Fry, G. Yezger, J. Whittaker, F. York, M. Bates, and M. Smik[?].

Women's Basketball Team, 1970

The 1969-1970 women's basketball team poses for a picture.

Front Row (L-R): (4) Sally Cobrain, (24) Karen Pflugfelder, (42) Jan Wiffen, (3) Diane Hosking, (13) Christine Heslin, [(22) unknown], [(11) unknown], (23) Judy Bresel, (30) Marti Shaul

Back Row (L-R): [...

Women's Basketball Team, 1981

The 1981 women's basketball team poses for a picture.

Women's Basketball Team, c.1982

The women's basketball team in the Kline Center around 1982.

Women's Basketball Team, 1983

The 1983 women's basketball team, winners of the Eastern College Athletic Conference Championship, pose for a picture.

First row: Kristen Milroth, Pam Burnside, Nancy Wills, Lisa Shahein

Second row: Julianne Engblom, Lynn Kiesel, Helenanne Seaman, Gail Thomas,...

Women's Basketball Team, 1984

The women's basketball team poses in the Kline Center for a picture in 1984.

Women's Basketball Team, 1985

The 1985 women's basketball team in the Kline Center.

Women's Basketball Team, 1986

The 1986 women's basketball team takes a photograph in the Kline Center.

Women's Basketball Team, 1987

The 1987 women's basketball team.

Front row: Leslie Billman, Lisa Hulshart

Second row: Donna Marzo, Laurie Smith, Dolores Giachetti

Standing: Susan Baldwin, Molly Ragette, Sonya Church, Tanya Sneed, Diana Hoover

Women's Basketball Team, 1988

The 1988 women's basketball squad.

First row: Emily Cox, Tanya Sneed, Amanda Raymond, Susan Baldwin, Sarah Yohe, Lisa Walaas

Second row: Fran Troyan (assistant coach), Stephanie Koeppen, Tina Plummer, Donna Marzo, Stefanie Vigarani, Leslie Billman


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