1993 Senior Slideshow

Balloons, c.1993

Roxanne Kramer poses with bunches of balloons.

Beaming friends, c.1993

Two girls smile brightly in a residence hall.

Left to Right: Courtney Drapeau ; Anne Hoff 

Beaming friends, c.1993

Two friends embrace and smile.

Left to Right: Michelle Bailey ; Emily Williams

Big smiles, c.1993

Two students smile brightly and hug.

Left to Right: Karen McNutt ; Emily Williams

Blue sky, c.1993

Three boys smile on a clear day.

Boat ride, c.1993

Two friends sit on the deck of a boat.

Left to Right: Tara Sapre (’93) ; Tara Hunt Melvin (’93)

Bunny ears, c.1993

Tim Ferguson and Gus Engle, wearing Beta Theta Pi letters, pose outside at night with golf clubs.

Card game, c.1993

Two students have fun playing cards.

Cheerful friends, c.1993

Two students smile for a photo.

Left to Right: Sean Hanna ; Wayne Bovier

Christmas, c.1993

Three friends, one with a Sigma Alpha Epsilon hat, pose under a decorated Christmas tree.

Left to Right: Chris VanVleck ('93) ; Howard Moorin ('93) ; Ian Horowitz ('93)

Christmastime, c.1993

Two students bring a Christmas tree up a set of stairs. 

Left to Right: Amy Dinkins ; Amanda Hills

Close up, c.1993

Two friends pose for a picture as one sticks out her tongue.

Cooking, c.1993

Two friends cook.

Left to Right: Pamela Byron ('93) ; Amy Burger ('93)

Dance moves, c.1993

A well-dressed student has fun to some music.

Delta Nu sisters, c.1993

Seven Delta Nu sisters, including Jen Pickle, smile for a photo.

Dental hygiene, c.1993

Three students brush their teeth.

Left to Right: Polluanna Greathouse Coffy ;  Sherry Linger ; R. David Wechsler.

Dorm room, c.1993

Three students in a dorm room.

Left to Right: Bram Ziegler ; Nancy Richardson ; Kelly Kirtland

Dressed up, c.1993

Two women in dresses smile at a social event.

Left to Right: Laura Aromaki ; Lindsay Burn

Evening hangout, c.1993

Eight friends smile at night.

Second from right: Winnie Gundeck ('93)

Far right: Sukanya Krishnan ('93)

Excitement, c.1993

Three boys laugh and look at the camera.

Fancy trio, c.1993

Three students in dresses embrace and smile.

Left: Cathy Oh ('93) ; Center: Wendy Sutton ('93)

Football game, c.1993

Four friends from the Class of 1993 smile during a Dickinson football game at Biddle field.

Left to Right: Pamela Byron ; Katherine Volkmer ; Angela Arnold ; Liselotte Hommen

Football game, c.1993

Angela Arnold ('93) and Pamela Byron ('93) pose at Biddle field.

Forest view, c.1993

A group of students spend time outdoors.

Formal attire, c.1993

Two students smile, both sporting printed ties.


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