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Women's Basketball Team #2, c.1970

A photo of a women's basketball team, circa 1970.

Women's Basketball Team, ECAC Victory, 1983

The Dickinson women's basketball team wins the Eastern College Athletic Conference Championship in 1983, which secures them a spot at the Mid-Atlantic Conference for that year.

Women's Center meeting, 1992

View of a meeting inside the Women's Center on April 10, 1992.

Women's Class Basketball Teams, 1937

This is believed to be a photo of the members of the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior classes' women's basketball teams, taken after an inter-class tournament in 1937.

Women's Club Soccer, 1980

The Women's Soccer Club in 1980.

Front Row (left to right): Kathy Kelly, Chad Atkinson, Sally Anderson, Ngaire Strack, Joe Ward

Second Row: Laura Dahl, Nancy Dalziel, Liz Magill, [unknown], Amy Blogett

Third Row: [unknown], Jeanne Abate, Tammy...

Women's Cross Country Team, 1985

The women's cross country team and their coach pose in front of the Kline Center in fall 1985.

Top Row: Coach John Cantalupi, Nancy Ruedin, Linda Reinman, Jill Ritter, Michelle Wolkomir, Patty Alper, Susan Chrysler

Bottom Row: Tracy Maxfield, Helen Turner, Amy...

Women's Cross Country Team, 1989

The women's cross country team and coach Don Nichter pose for a photograph outside the Kline Center in 1989.

Women's Cross Country Team, 1991

The women's cross country team and Coach Don Nichter pose for a photograph in fall 1991.

Women's Glee Club, 1933

Members of the Woman's Glee Club in 1933.

Women's horse riding, c.1940

Students involved in women's intramural equestrianism stand by their horses circa 1940.


Women's horse riding, c.1945

Students involved in women's intramural equestrianism sit atop their horses circa 1945.

Women's Lacrosse game, 1982

View of a Women's Lacrosse game in spring 1982.

Women's Lacrosse game, 1987

View of a Women's Lacrosse game in spring 1987.

Women's Lacrosse game, 1989

View of a Women's Lacrosse game in spring 1989.

Women's Lacrosse game, 1995

View of a Women's Lacrosse game in spring 1995.

Women's Lacrosse Team, 1981

The Women's Lacrosse team in 1981.

First Row: Amy Blodgett, Mary Kay Sigda, Winslow Bonscaren, Carolyn Pleasants

Second Row: Vivian Puckett, Becky Rogers, Tami Fratis, Jeanne Cascoila, Sue Spiegel, Meg Hutchinson, Donna Bartenfielder

Third Row:...

Women's Lacrosse Team, 1983

The 1983 Women's Lacrosse team.

Women's Lacrosse Team, 1990

The 1990 Women's Lacrosse team with Coach Eileen Sharp. 

Women's Lacrosse Team, 1991

The 1991 Women's Lacrosse team with Coach Eileen Sharp.

Women's Lacrosse Team, 1992

The 1992 Women's Lacrosse team with Coach Kelly Hart.

Women's physical education, 1888

Female students swing bowling pins in Dickinson's first women's physical education class.

Front row: Alice Kronenberg '89, Lenora Whiting '91, Wilhelmina Scarborough, Elizabeth Low '91

Middle row: Mary Himes '89 (non-grad), Jessica Longsdorf '91, Mary Curran '88...

Women's physical education class with poles, 1888

Female students participate in a physical education class involving manipulating poles.

Women's Relay Team, 1987

The Relay team stand outside the Kline Center just before Nationals in 1987. The swimmers include Kiki Jacobs and Liz Fitzgerald. 

Women's Soccer coaches, 1985

The 1985 soccer coaches, Albert Masland (right) and John Collins (left).

Women's Soccer game, 1986

Aletha Rizzi (#29) in a game against Penn State in 1986. 


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