Photographic Print, B&W

Women's Soccer game, 1988

An action photo from a soccer game against Muhlenberg College in 1988.

Women's Soccer game, c.1990

Women's Soccer players congratulate each other after a game.

Women's Soccer game, 1994

Heather Ganley in an action shot in a game against Shenandoah University.

Women's Soccer Team, 1989

The 1989 Women's Soccer team.

Women's Soccer Team, 1991

The 1991 Women's Soccer team with Coach Bob Lilley and Assistant Coach Mark Pulisic (far left).

Women's Soccer Team, 1992

The 1992 Women's Soccer team with Coach Bob Lilley.

Women's strength training, 1888

Female students train using weights in Dickinson's first women's physical education class in 1888.

Students by number: Mary Curran (#1), Mary Evans (#2), Sarah Yocum (#3), Elizabeth Low (#4), Wilhelmina Scarborough (#5), Alverda Yocum (#6), Hildegarde Longsdorf (#7), Jessica...

Women's Studies class, 1996

Julie Song and Heather Pomeroy discuss a reading assignment in Professor Stephanie G. Larson's Intro to Women's Studies class.

Women's Swim meet, 1986

View of a Women's Swim meet at the Kline Center in 1986.

Women's Swim Team, 1938

The 1938 Women's Swim team sits for a group photo.

Women's Swim Tem, 1939

Swimmers wait to get in the pool while others watch behind them in 1939.

Women's Swim Team, 1940

View of the 1940 Women's Swim team.

Women's Swim Team, 1941

View of the 1941 Women's Swim team.

Women's Swim Team, 1942

The Women's Swim team sit on a diving board in 1942.

Women's Swim Team, 1974

The 1974 Women's Swim team.

Women's Swim Team, 1975

The Women's Swim team in 1975.

Women's Swim Team, c.1975

Members of the Women's Swim team around 1975.

Women's Swim Team, 1976

The Women's Swim team takes a photo during the 1975-1976 season.

Women's Swim Team, 1977

The Women's Swim team takes a photo during the 1976-1977 season. 

Women's Swim Team, 1978

The 1978 Women's Swim team.

Women's Swim Team, 1979

The Women's swim team takes a group photo in 1979.

Women's Swim Team, c.1980

View of a swimmer in her lane in the Kline Center pool around 1980.

Women's Swim team, 1985

Four members of the 1985 Women's Swim team.

Left to Right: Jennifer Hutchinson ('88), Liz Fitzgerald ('87), Molly Dean ('87), and Barb Wood ('86)

Women's Swim Team Captains, 1988

The 1988 co-captains of the Women's Swim team, Gretchen Malter (left) and Nancy Jaeger.

Women's Swim Team Captains, 1989

The team's tri-captains: Kiki Jacobs (left), Danielle Sticklin (right), and Mary Gonella (front).


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