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Alumni Gymnasium construction, 1927

The Alumni Gymnasium under construction in 1927.

Alumni Gymnasium construction, 1927

View of the Alumni Gymnasium under construction in 1927.

Alumni Gymnasium covered in snow, c.1930

The Alumni Gymnasium after a winter storm around 1930. The photographer is standing in the academic quad.

Alumni Gymnasium groundbreaking ceremony, 1927

View of the groundbreaking ceremony held for the Alumni Gymnasium in 1927.

Alumni Gymnasium lobby, 1980

View of the Alumni Gymnasium lobby on June 17, 1980.

Alumni Gymnasium pool, 1956

Members of the Men's Swim team in the Alumni Gymnasium pool in 1956.

Alumni Gymnasium pool, 1980

View of the pool inside the Alumni Gymnasium on June 17, 1980.

Alumni Gymnasium tennis courts, c.1945

View of several tennis courts behind the Alumni Gymnasium around 1945. All but one of the courts were removed during the construction of South College in 1948.

Alumni hold the '98 banner

During their reunion in July 1928, members of the Class of 1898 hold the '98 banner.

Alumni in dinks

Members of the Class of 1934 get ready for reunion activities by donning their dinks.

Alumni Luncheon, 1952

Slater System, Inc., caterers for Dickinson College, create this centerpiece for the Alumni Luncheon held on Homecoming Day in the Alumni Gymnasium prior to the Dickinson-Gettysburg football game on November 8, 1952.

Alumni Luncheon at Homecoming, 1952

View of a large crowd in the Alumni Gymnasium at the Alumni Luncheon during Homecoming weekend on November 8, 1952.

Alumni pose for the photographer, 1921

A group of Alumni pose for the photographer in 1921 at the Twenty-fifth Reunion of the Class of 1896.

Alumni seated on the steps of West College

Alumni from the Class of 1899 sit on the steps of West College.  Perhaps there is a future Dickinsonian seated in the lower right corner.

Alumni Weekend group photograph

Alumni from the Class of 1912, Class of 1913, and Class of 1914, during Alumni Weekend.

Standing L to R:  John V. McIntire, John C. Groome, Horace L. Jacobs, Jr., Charles C. Bramble.

Seated L to R:  Miriam A. Dum-Frey, Elizabeth M. Garner, Martha L. Johnson, Mrs....

Alumni Weekend sign up, 1984

Herschel Shortlidge of the Class of 1934 signs up for Alumni Weekend activities in June 1984.

Alumni Weekend trio

Three members of the reunion committee from the Class of 1914 pose arm-in-arm for their Fiftieth Reunion.

L to R:  Frank Y. Jaggers ; Mabel Krall-Burkholder (Chair of the committee) ; C. Edward Wagner

Hubert N. Alyea, Priestley Award, 1984

Dr. Hubert N. Alyea, the 1984 Priestley Award recipient, demonstrates chemistry in Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium.

Joseph S. Ammerman, 1948

View as Joseph S. Ammerman (Class of 1948) holds a football.

Christine Amoroso, c.1980

Professor of Dramatic Arts and modern dance instructor Christine Amoroso poses in a dance studio around 1979.

Christine Amoroso, c.1980

Christine Amoroso, professor of Dramatic Arts and instructor of modern dance, circa 1980.

Amy Admunsen with Senator Paul Simon at Baccalaureate, 1984

Amy Admunsen ('84) stands with Illinois Senator Paul Simon (in bow tie) outside the Kline Center at Baccalaureate on May 19, 1984.

Chris Anderson, 1984

Spanish professor Chris Anderson lectures about a painting in February 1984.

Chris Anderson, c.1990

Professor Chris Anderson of the Spanish Department lectures to his students on the steps of Bosler Hall, around 1990.

Judith Anderson with students and faculty, Arts Award, 1960

Arts Award recipient actress Judith Anderson relaxes with students and faculty in December 1960.


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