Pedlow-Maginnis, Elizabeth W.

Alumni from the Class of 1929, 1974

During Alumni Weekend in May 1974, the Class of 1929 celebrate their Forty-fifth Reunion with a group photo.

Front row L to R:  Grace Elizabeth Leach, Mary Sophia Everett-Dolbear, Margaret Moore Craver-Grimm, Elisabeth Huldah McCoy-Cryer, Mrs. Perry Bucke, Elizabeth W. Pedlow-...

Class of 1929 Fifty Years later

Class of 1929 at their Fiftieth Reunion.

L to R:  C. Richard Brandt, Paul A. Friedrich, C. Perry Cleaver, John Watson Pedlow, Donald B. Waltman, Marie I. Ammon-Timmins, Harold C. Koch, Vincent William Cartusciello (Carty), Elizabeth W. Pedlow-Maginnis, George J. Patterson, Nathan...

Golden Alumni Class

Alumni from several classes gather to celebrate their Fifty-Five Plus Year Reunion on June 9, 1984.

Standing L to R:  Aubrey Haines Baldwin, III, John Watson Pedlow, Richard V. Zug, George  M. Ammerman, R. Wallace White, F. Douglas Milbury, Oscar Treder, Jr., C. Perry Cleaver,...

Members of the Class of 1929 having lunch

Members of the Class of 1929 enjoy lunch under the trees at their Forth-fifth Reunion in May 1974.

Left to Right:  Mrs. Elmer Goodwin, Elizabeth Pedlow, Watson Pedlow, Vernard Group, Mary Everett.

Snapshot of the Class of 1929

Class of 1929 sitting beneath the trees

L to R:  Otto E. Boss, Elizabeth Pedlow, Grace Leach, Mary Everett, R. Wallace White

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