Class of 1929 Fifty Years later, 1979

Class of 1929 Fifty Years later

Class of 1929 at their Fiftieth Reunion.

L to R:  C. Richard Brandt, Paul A. Friedrich, C. Perry Cleaver, John Watson Pedlow, Donald B. Waltman, Marie I. Ammon-Timmins, Harold C. Koch, Vincent William Cartusciello (Carty), Elizabeth W. Pedlow-Maginnis, George J. Patterson, Nathan Asbell, Grace Elizabeth Leach, Fred A. Lumb, William G. Green, David Perry Bucke, Rosana Eckman-Rasmussen, Bernice E. Barkalow-Kirk, Oscar Treder, Jr., Harry C. Shriver, Carl Covalt Chambers, Mrs. Jesse Rubright, Blaine E. Capehart, Edith M. Fagen-Davies, David S. Kohn, Mary I. McCrone-Waltman, Professor Ralph Schecter, George T. Reed, Jr., Martha F. Meese-Reichard, E. Blaine Hays, Margaret Moore Craver-Grimm, Mary Sophia Everett-Dolbear, Elisabeth Huldah McCoy-Cryer, Henry E. Harner, Richard H. Rouse, Jesse B. Rubright, George M. Ammerman, Mrs. Vincent Cartusciello, Aubrey Haines Baldwin, III, John W. McConnell, R. Wallace White, Horace W. Vought, Lawrence L. Moore, Richard D. Walker, Howard Somers Spearing.

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