Academic procession at Commencement, 1972

View of the academic procession at Commencement on May 21, 1972. English Professor Robert Bowden is holding the flag and Philosophy Professor Frederick Ferre is the macebearer. President Howard Lane Rubendall ('31) is standing behind Dr. Ferre.

Academic Procession at Commencement, 1978

President Howard Rubendall ('31) stands behind the macebearer with other faculty members during the academic procession at Commencement on June 1, 1975.

Henry Steele Commager, a History Professor at Amherst College, is standing next to Rubendall. Commager delivers the Commencement address...

Academic Procession at Commencement, 1977

Father Theodore Hesburgh (left), who receives an honorary Doctor of Sacred Theology, walks with Trustee Samuel Witwer (Class of 1930) in the academic procession at Commencement on May 15, 1977. 

Religion Professor Dan Bechtel, wearing sunglasses, is behind Witwer.

Adams Hall, c.1975

View of Adams Hall around 1975.

Russell Baird Adams Jr., c.1970

Russell Bairds Adams Jr. is a member of the Class of 1959.

Aerial view of Biddle Field, c.1975

An aerial view of the Biddle Field complex taken around 1975.

Aerial view of campus, 1973

Aerial view of campus, looking over the Charles Nisbet Campus in November 1973.

Herbert S. Alexander, c.1970

Herbert Alexander, professor of Psychology and advisor to Hillel, speaks at an Hillel event, circa 1970.

Herbert S. Alexander, 1971

Psychology professor Herbert Alexander, advisor to Hillel, (on right) helps to unroll a Torah scroll in 1971.

George J. Allan, c.1975

Philosophy professor George Allan talks in his office, circa 1975.

Althouse Hall entrance covered in snow, c.1970

Two people walk by the main entrance to Althouse Hall around 1970.

Alumni from the Class of 1929, 1974

During Alumni Weekend in May 1974, the Class of 1929 celebrate their Forty-fifth Reunion with a group photo.

Front row L to R:  Grace Elizabeth Leach, Mary Sophia Everett-Dolbear, Margaret Moore Craver-Grimm, Elisabeth Huldah McCoy-Cryer, Mrs. Perry Bucke, Elizabeth W. Pedlow-...

Alumni in dinks

Members of the Class of 1934 get ready for reunion activities by donning their dinks.

Alumni Weekend buffet table, 1970

Alumni go through an outdoor buffet line during Alumni Weekend in June 1970.

Alumni Weekend picnic, 1970

A picnic takes place on the Academic Quad in front of Old West during Alumni Weekend in June 1970.

William D Angle, c.1970

William D. Angle is a member of the Class of 1930.

Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium construction, c.1970

View of the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium under construction around 1970.

Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium interior, 1971

A man stands on a section of the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium's stage that has been lowered in 1971.

Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium main entrance, c.1971

View as two people walk out of the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium's main entrance around 1971.

Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium workroom, c.1971

View of the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium workroom around 1971.

Baseball Team, 1973

The Dickinson College baseball team poses for a team photo in 1973.

Daniel R. Bechtel, c.1975

Daniel Bechtel, Professor of Religion, leaning against the flag pole, holds class in the academic quad, circa 1975.

Joan M. Bechtel, 1973

Librarian Joan Margaret Bechtel around Christmas 1973.

John E. Benson, 1970

Professor John Benson of the Chemistry department, on right, accepts a check from the Gulf Oil Foundation in 1970.

Biology lab

A student performs an experiment on a mouse in a biology lab around 1975.


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