Fraternity Quadrangle dorm room, c.1975

View of a dorm room in one of the ten buildings that formed the Fraternity Quadrangle around 1975.

Daniel J. Freval, c.1970

Modern Languages professor Daniel Freval on a catwalk.

Daniel J. Freval, c.1970

Daniel Freval of the Modern Languages department controlling elements on the control panel in the Language Lab.

John William Frey, c.1975

Dr. John William Frey is a member of the Class of 1937.

Margaret "Peggy" Garrett, c.1975

English professor Peggy Garrett at her desk, circa 1975.

Warren J. Gates, 1979

Professor of History Warren Gates in his office with a student in the fall of 1979.

Geology Lab, c.1975

Students in Professor William Vernon's mineralogy class observe different types of minerals using microscopes.

George Washington vs. Widener, 1977

George Washington of the Red Devil's football team shoots past Widener in a 1977 game.

James F. Gibson, c.1975

Military Science professor James Gibson around 1975.

Harold R. Gillespie, Jr., c.1970

Dean of Students and Professor of English Harold Gillespie, Jr. around 1970.

Wilbur J. Gobrecht, 1973

Wilbur Jacob Gobrecht (Class of 1952) as the head football coach in 1973.

Malcolm Goldstein, c.1970

Professor of Music Malcolm Goldstein playing the violin, circa 1970.

Golf Team, 1973

The Dickinson golf team poses for a photograph in spring 1973.

Stephen M. Gorman, c.1975

Professor of Political Science Stephen Gorman, circa 1975.

Glen Gould, c.1975

Music professor Glen Gould, circa 1975.

Brian Greenberg, 1975

Brian Greenberg, the Men's Lacrosse Team captain, in 1975.

Henry W. A. Hanson, c.1975

Henry Hanson of the Geology department.

Heber R. Harper, c.1970

Political Science professor Heber Harper around 1970.

Charles M. Harvey, c.1975

Charles Harvey, Professor of Mathematics, explaining a concept during class.

Gerald S. Hawkins, 1970

Dean of the College and Professor of Astronomy Gerald Hawkins gardening with his wife Dorothy in front of a house on South Hanover Street in April 1970.

Father Theodore Hesburgh at Commencement, 1977

Father Theodore Hesburgh, who receives an honorary Doctor of Sacred Theology, prays during Commencement on May 15, 1977.

History class, c.1975

Professor Clarke Garrett (in rocker) conducts his history class around 1975.

Holland Union Building, c.1970

View of the Holland Union Building around 1970.

Holland Union Building entrance, c.1970

View from the Spahr Library roof of the entrance to the Holland Union Building around 1970.

Holland Union Building entrance, c.1975

View of the Holland Union Building entrance that faces N. College Street around 1975.


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