Slobozien, James

Football Team, 1969

The 1969 football team poses for their picture.

First row: Harry C. Clay, Richard H. Henry, Gregory M. Van Doren (Co-Captain), John E. Person III (Co-Captain), Cameron H. Conover, Arthur L. Travlos, Scott S. DeBold, David L. Margolis

Second row: Craig Walter,...

Football Team, 1971

The 1971 Dickinson College Red Devil Football Team poses for a photograph.

First row: Robert Jackson, James Slobozien, Craig Walter, William Stambaugh, Glenn Boye, Edward Dana, Donald Caccia, Methesulah Bradley, George F. "Nick" Boyer

Second row: Albert Heusner,...

Football Team, 1972

The football team of 1972 poses for their team picture.

First row: David Hamilton, Alan Jackson, Dennis Fortune, Albert Heusner, Donald Rose, Robert Crobak, Thomas Beck (co-captain), William Stabert, James Slobozien (co-captain), Mark Lipstein

Raven's Claw, 1973

View of the tapping of the Claw of 1973 on the steps of Old West in 1973.

Front Row (Left to Right): Jeff Thompson ; Bill Beaver ; Guy Brunt ; Gil Fegley ; Larry Patterson ; Andy Levering ; Jim Slobozien

Up the Steps (Left to Right): John Whitman, Dan McGarry,...

Raven's Claw, 1973

View of the Raven's Claw class of 1973 tapping the Raven's Claw class of 1974 outside Old West in May 1973.

Front Row - Claw of '74 (Left to Right): Rich Schey ; Gary "Skip" Poliner ; Jay Their ; Greg Douglas ; Jeff Truskey ; John Colburn ; Alex Paluch

Up the Steps -...

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