International students, c.1975

Antonis Yuk (Hong Kong) and Peter Veihoever (Netherlands) walk in front of Old West around 1975.

Robert Lee Jacobs, c.1970

Judge Robert Lee Jacobs is a member of the Class of 1932.

Benjamin David James, c.1975

Psychology and Education Professor Benjamin David James is a member of the Class of 1934.

Jacob Javits at Commencement, 1972

Jacob Javits deliverers the Commencement address on May 21, 1972. Javits also receives an honorary Doctor of Laws.

William B. Jeffries, 1976

Professor of Biology Bill Jeffries showing two children the display cases in Dana Hall in November 1976.

John West vs. Haverford, 1970

John West, #23, pushes through a Haverford defender during a football game on October 10, 1970.

John E. Johnston, 1976

John Johnston of the Physical Education department.

Jumping Conductor, 1975

View of orchestra from the left during an orchestra concert in the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium in 1975 at a moment when the conductor, Music Professor Fred Petty, is appearing to jump.

Vytautas M. Kavolis, 1975

Sociology professor Vytautas Kavolis in his office in July 1975.

C. Flint Kellogg, c.1975

Professor of History Flint Kellogg holding an artifact.

John Kemeny, Priestley Award, 1976

Dr. John Kemeny (left) holds the Priestley Award he received on March 8, 1976. President Samuel Alston Banks (center) stands next to Dr. Kemeny.

Wilhelm U. Kempf, 1971

Computer Science professor Wilhelm Kempf in 1971.

Paul K. Kiehl, c.1970

Paul V. Kiehl is a member of the Class of 1936.

John L. King, 1979

Economics professor John King enjoying a party in 1979.

Kisner-Woodward Hall, 1978

View of Kisner-Woodward Hall in 1978.

Kisner-Woodward Hall, architect's rendering, c.1970

The architect's rendering of Kisner-Woodward Hall around 1970.

Kline Center construction, 1979

Construction sign advertising the Dickinson College Life/Sports Training Center in May 1979.

Kline Center construction, 1979

Beam skeleton structure for the roof of Kline Center.

Kline Center construction, 1979

Roof on building being finished and the walls beginning to go up.

Kline Center groundbreaking ceremony, 1979

View of the Kline Center groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, May 18, 1979.

This photo features President Banks, outgoing President of the Board of Trustees Samuel W. Witwer ('30), as well as Chairman of the Special Planning Committee and incoming President of the Board of Trustees William...

Kline Center pool construction, 1979

View of the Kline Center pool and diving well under construction in 1979.

Kline Center pool construction, 1979

Diving well and pool filled with water during outdoor construction. 

Dennis S. Klinge, c.1975

Professor of History Dennis Klinge.

Sylvester Kohut, Jr., c.1975

Education professor Sylvester Kohut, Jr. around 1975.

Allen Krantz, 1976

Music professor Allen Krantz.


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