Colbert N. Kurokawa, c.1970

Colbert N. Kurokawa is a member of the Class of 1922.

Mauricio Lasansky accepts the Arts Award, 1974

Printmaker Mauricio Lasansky accepts the 1974 Arts Award.

Mauricio Lasansky, Arts Award, 1974

Print-maker Mauricio Lasansky receives the 1974 Arts Award.

Mauricio Lasansky, Arts Award, 1974

Recipient of the 1974 Arts Award, print-maker Mauricio Lasansky (center) discusses his work.

Lawrence House, c.1970

View of Lawrence House around 1970.

Lawrence House photo studio, c.1975

View of a photo studio in the Lawrence House around 1975.

Lawrence House photo studio, c.1975

View of the photo studio inside Lawrence House around 1975.

Kenneth L. Laws, c.1975

Ken Laws, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, circa 1975.

Priscilla W. Laws, 1975

Physics professor Priscilla Laws, seated on right, on the Today Show with John Hartz in Januray 1975.

Elise Lester, c.1970

Elise Lester '72 performs a jump in her cheerleading uniform.

Robert E. Leyon, 1973

Chemistry professor Robert Leyon at his desk in 1973.

John H. Light, c.1975

Mathematics professor John Light in his office around 1975.

Carol Litrides, c.1970

Carol Litrides ('71), a member of the Pershing Rifles drill team, stands in front of the Molly Pitcher statue in the Old Graveyard in Carlisle. 

Henry Logan, c.1970

Trustee Henry Logan is a member of the Class of 1910. 

Howard C. Long, 1976

Physics and Astronomy professor Howard Long at his desk in 1976.

Looking On, 1972

Mark Lipstein, Thomas Beck, and Herman Wisdom (from left to right) sit on a bench looking over a 1972 football game.

John Wesley Lord, c.1970

Trustee John Wesley Lord is a member of the Class of 1927

Prof. John Luetzelschwab with students, c.1970

Professor John Luetzelschwab (right) assists students Howard C. Long, Jr., '71, (left) and Donald M. Thomas, '70, (center) performing a physics lab exercise.

Anthony Mach, 1972

Economics professor Anthony Mach in summer 1972.

Samuel H. Magill, c.1975

Religion professor Samuel Magill.

Malcolm Hall, c.1970

Malcolm Hall five years after its completion.

Malcolm Hall, c.1975

Malcolm Hall in the snow, about ten years after its completion.

Silvine S. Marbury, c.1975

English professor Silvine Marbury, circa 1975.

Mario Shannon Catches Pass, 1976

Mario Shannon #23 of the Red Devil football team catches a pass against Western Maryland at a game on Octber 30, 1976.

Peter E. Martin, c.1970

Peter Martin, Professor of Mathematics, circa 1970.


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