Sherwin T. McDowell, c.1970

Sherwin T. McDowell is a member of the Class of 1936.

McKenney Hall, 1973

View of the newly completed McKenney Hall on August 14, 1973. The official dedication ceremony would take place two months later, on October 13, 1973.

McKenney Hall covered in snow, c.1975

McKenney Hall in the winter snow around 1975.

McKenney Hall, c.1975

Two students walk away from McKenney Hall.

McKenney Hall construction, 1973

View of the McKenney Hall construction site, facing south.

McKenney Hall dedication, 1973

Mr. W. Gibbs McKenney ('39) and his wife Florence Rea McKenney stand in the courtyard of the newly finished McKenney Hall during the dedication ceremony on October 13, 1973. President Howard Rubendall ('31), who presided over the event, stands to the left.

McKenney Hall, bedroom, c.1975

A student studies in a bedroom of one of the McKenney Hall suites.

McKenney Hall, construction, 1972

An earlier shot of the construction site of McKenney Hall.

McKenney Hall, construction, c.1973

Workers constructing part of the roof of McKenney Hall.

McKenney Hall, construction, 1973

A view of McKenney Hall courtyard late in the construction process.

McKenney Hall, living room, c.1975

A student studies in the living room area of a McKenny suite around 1975.

Margaret Mead, Priestley Award, 1971

Margaret Mead receives the Priestley Award from President Rubendall on March 9, 1971.

Priestley Award recipient Margaret Mead in class, 1971

Margaret Mead, 1971 Priestley Award recipient, speaks to a class during her visit to Dickinson College in March 1971.

Members of the Class of 1929 having lunch

Members of the Class of 1929 enjoy lunch under the trees at their Forth-fifth Reunion in May 1974.

Left to Right:  Mrs. Elmer Goodwin, Elizabeth Pedlow, Watson Pedlow, Vernard Group, Mary Everett.

Men's Basketball Team, 1970

The 1970 men's basketball team poses for a picture.

Men's Basketball Team, 1971

The 1971 men's basketball team takes a team photograph.

Men's Basketball Team, 1972

The 1972 men's basketball team.

Kneeling: Paul Schreiber, Al Vican, Paul Anderson (asst. varsity coach), David Watkins (head varsity coach), Paul Seybold (fresh. coach), John Whitman, Byron McClanahan

Standing: Richard Barnoski...

Men's Basketball Team, 1973

The 1973 men's basketball team.

Front row: Harold Shaw (student equipment manager), Greg Gaskins, Francis Noonan, Richard Barnoski, Mark Betts, George Gorman, Gary "Skip" Poliner (student manager)

Back row: Paul Anderson (asst....

Men's Basketball Team, 1972

The men's basketball team take a photograph in 1972.

Front row: David Watkins (coach), Al Vican, John Whitman (captain), Paul Schreiber, Paul Anderson (asst. coach).

Back row: Mark Caplan (manager), Michael "Mike" Sutton, Daniel Gilbert, Jeff Thompson, Steve Piper...

Men's Basketball Team, c.1979

The men's basketball team, circa 1979.

Men's Lacrosse Team, 1970

The Men's Lacrosse team in 1970.

Men's Lacrosse Team, 1971

The Men's Lacrosse team in 1971.

Men's Lacrosse Team, 1972

The Men's Lacrosse team in 1972.

Men's Lacrosse Team, 1973

The Men's Lacrosse team in 1973.

First Row: James R. Rounds, Robert E. Simpson, William J. Hunt, Captain Phillip B. "Pete" Taft, A. Page Boyce, Frederick V. Slagle, Thomas Regan

Second Row: Bruce S. Greenberg, Robert J. Westbrook, Brian L. Greenberg, Christopher J...

Men's Lacrosse Team, 1975

The Men's Lacrosse team in 1975.

First Row: Jeffrey L. McGlaughlin, Richard L. Thomas, Kenneth W. Earll, Captain Brian L. Greenberg, Mark S. Lavin, Jay S. Levins, Michael I. Dane

Second Row: Kenneth E. deGroot, Daniel L. Woods, Kevin D. McInroy, Neil B. Selmer,...


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